Tuesday, 21 August 2012

This House is so full of Seoul: Seoul House

When the three of us were given a tip about a place offering all you can eat Korean BBQ for only $28 per person, we immediately told ourselves that we had to go to this place sooner or later. It wasn't until 3-4 months later until we finally visited this place, regretting the fact that we didn't start going to this place earlier. 
There's a small variety of dishes you could choose from if you do choose to go for the all you can eat Korean BBQ. You can choose from Bulgogi beef, spicy pork, spicy chicken, calamari, baby squid, fried dumplings, spring rolls and soybean soup. Oh, and mushrooms as well.
According to other people who have eaten at this place before, the staff usually cook the meat for you. This didn't exactly happen to us, probably because there was a full house the night we came. Speaking of service, the service we received wasn't that great, we had waitresses rolling their eyes when we asked for more rice and walking around as if they're some bitch ass queen of the restaurant or something. There was a really nice, cute waitress though so that made things better.. Sort of.

Soybean soup, some of the others liked this but I thought it tasted... Well.. Shit.
One of the side dishes that we were all given. You're meant to eat this with the sauce on top. I personally didn't try this but I'm assuming it was alright since all I got in reply was a thumbs up.

Oh, and they give you metal chopsticks to eat with here! I'm assuming people in Korea eat with metal chopsticks.
With the spicy pork and chicken,  I personally couldn't tell the two apart, which was probably a result of the sauce being both too overwhelming for my taste and having cheap cuts of meat being used. The bugogi beef was nice though, being sweet as it should be and easy to eat.
We thought this jug they gave us was funny, had a picture of Yao Ming on it and all. (We know it isn't actually Yao Ming, we're just joking around)
As you keep cooking, the grill or pot thingy will become slightly charred, the people working here will change it when you ask them to, or when they think it'll affect how it'll cook the meat.
Overall, Seoul House was good value for money, we'd definitely recommend coming this place again. Yes the service wasn't satisfactory, but who could complain when you're only paying $28 to eat as much meat as you want?

- Daniel.

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  1. Betty Frankfurts25 August 2012 at 17:46

    Great work guys! Totally have to try this place out! Should totally come try these restruant in California. Hehe.